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Facts about Magnum & electronic recycling in New Jersey.

Magnum Computer Recycling is an innovative, eco-friendly leader in computer recycling and electronic sustainability.

Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur John Martorano, Jr., the company is working to save the planet by helping businesses and corporations recycle computers and related electronics. Magnum Computer Recycling forms creative partnerships with organizations committed to protecting the environment and becoming eco-friendly through proper electronic recycling.

Education is very important to us. We are dedicated to educating companies and consumers about establishing enhanced eco-friendly processes and methods for reusing and recycling computers and a wide range of electronic devices.

Working with businesses large and small throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area, we encourage others to “stay green” while helping our clients properly dispose of electronic waste products in accordance with local, county, state and federal laws.

Since its launch, Magnum Computer Recycling has successfully recycled over 15 million tons of computer equipment and electronic parts. The company has attracted a great deal of attention from the business community and works to provide tri-state area students with refurbished, working computers.

Our recycling service is free — and we welcome new clients every day!

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  • Experienced electronic waste management team.
  • Fast and 100% reliable customer support.
  • 15 million tons of computer equipment and electronic parts recycled.
  • Steady and sustainable growth.
  • Giving back to the community.

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