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John Martorano, Jr. is the founder of Magnum Computer Recycling (Thanks for Being Green, LLC), a leader in providing computer and electronic recycling services to businesses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Established in 2006, this growing company is dynamic and innovative, offering results-driven, eco-friendly methods for reusing and recycling electronic parts and devices.

As a visionary in the world of computer recycling, John has embraced a philosophy of environmental protection and sustainability. He oversees all strategic planning, operations, business functions and day-to-day aspects with the company. He is also personally committed to educating businesses and individuals about the importance of electronics recycling. At Magnum Computer Recycling, John works closely with area businesses to help establish safe, compliant, environmentally friendly methods to reuse and refurbish those materials and components.

John’s inspiration to launch Magnum Computer Recycling came from nature itself. While he was hiking in the woods several years ago, he unexpectedly discovered a large pile of discarded, used computer monitors. Frustrated and saddened to find this type of pollution in the wilderness, he was compelled to find a better, easier way to dispose of electronic waste. After conducting research, he learned that most organizations and schools had difficulty with properly discarding old electronic parts. At that point, John decided to create an eco-friendly company with a mission to stay as “green” as possible and collect used and unwanted electronic equipment, channeling them to the correct agencies for proper recycling or disposal.

John’s overarching goal is to raise the public’s awareness regarding the critical issue of recycling computer equipment and related electronics. This includes hard drives, monitors, keyboards, servers, TVs, wires and telecommunications hardware as well.

Since its initial launch, Magnum Computer Recycling has been on an aggressive growth path with no signs of slowing. Today, John works to create strategic partnerships with local governments, townships, schools and large businesses.

As a long-time entrepreneur, John founded his first corporation in 1988, which provided energy efficient lighting to customers in the tri-state area. During this venture, he successfully increased sales over 600% and later sold the business to his employees.

John’s career began in 1979 as a soft pretzel vendor. He later founded Koolzit Italian homemade ices. He also launched Aroma Coffee services that provided coffee to businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

When John is not creating new ways to better the planet, he enjoys spending time with his family in Audubon, NJ, along with gourmet cooking, fishing and the outdoors.

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