Magnum Computer Recycling Now Offering Lamp Recycling Services

Pennsauken, N.J., — Magnum Computer Recycling, the premier electronics recycler in N.J., has expanded its services yet again. It will now be offering lamp recycling to all current and potential commercial clients in the tri-state area. The branch is aptly named, Magnum Lamp Recycling.

“We are very excited to announce this new initiative,” said CEO, John Martorano, Jr. “We will continue to offer the same quality service across all aspects of our recycling efforts and are welcoming clients from all over the tri-state area including those left stranded by the recent closure of The Lamp Safe in Cherry Hill.”

Magnum will be recycling all types of lamps of bulbs including: straight fluorescent tubes (any length), shatter shields, circular, u-bends, mercury vapor, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. It is essential to properly recycle these types of lamps which contribute to higher mercury levels in our environment.

All interested parties should contact Magnum Lamp Recycling at 856.333.0991. You can also visit the website at,, for more information on the lamp recycling process as well as pricing.