Once upon a time, companies that used plastic and glass bottles offered 5cents or 10cents for you to return the bottle to recycle. Then one day you suddenly didn’t need to return the bottle, all you had to do was put it in a special recycling bin on your curb and ‘POOF’, it was someone else’s problem to move it where it needed to be moved.

Do you know that ‘FREE’ municipal recycling is a huge profit-making scam?? And I’m here to let you know the people being scammed are the taxpaying residents in every community. ‘Big Business’ has moved recycling costs from their bank accounts to local governments, and now it’s tax-funded. If you’re ok with your money being used that way, ignore this article, but if understanding that makes you mad, read on then contact NJDEP# 1-866-DEP-KNOW (866-337-5669) to let them know how you feel.

While the recyclers and generators of E-waste continue to fund the so-called ‘free and convenient’ electronic waste bill we all now follow, your support is truly needed to pass new legislation so the powers-to-be can once again do the environmentally and financially responsible thing.

Contact the Governor’s office today, and tell our lawmakers that we want big business to fund their own recycling programs, and not our tax dollars!