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Everything you need to know about planning an e-collection event!

Why should I hold an electronic collection event?

You can hold a collection event for a number of eco-friendly reasons:

1. Convenience. Collection events are a convenient way for your employees, your students or your district to recycle electronics safely and easily.

2. Community. A collection event shows your community that you are environmentally aware and that you care about saving the planet.

3. Education. By holding regular collection events, you are educating your employees, students or local communities about the importance of safely recycling your electronics and computers.

Does Magnum Computer Recycling work with school districts to hold collection events?

Yes, in addition to companies, we work regularly with school districts and we can help you organize an e-collection event. Students are especially receptive to e-collection events and we always have very high turnouts of enthusiastic students who are passionate about recycling and being green!

Why is Magnum Computer Recycling the best company to handle my collection event?

Our company cares about safe recycling and we handle products safely and responsibly every step of the way. Magnum Computer Recycling is proud to be R2 and ISO 14001 certified. We always follow strict federal EPA guidelines for electronics and computer recycling. In addition, the state of New Jersey’s DEP monthly reviews our processes.

Why use a certified electronics recycler for your collection event?

Certified electronics recyclers, such as Magnum Computer Recycling, follow a hierarchy for processing used electronics. We carefully inspect your electronics and determine whether the used electronic equipment can be reused, repaired or refurbished for reuse. If the equipment cannot be reused, then certified recyclers will either disassemble the used equipment for parts, (which break it down into its basic material components, such as plastics, metals or glass); or send it to responsible, approved processors.

How do I hold an e-collection event?

Contact us at Magnum Computer Recycling today and we will help you get started planning your next event!

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8:30 am – 12:30 pm


Camden County

Lindenwold, NJ

9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Atlantic County 4-H Collection Event

Atlantic County 4-H

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